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The Media Center is the hub of the school. Most students attend every two weeks with their Reading or Critical Thinking teacher.  Students are welcome to visit during class time with a pass from their teacher.  The media center closes promptly at 4:00 p.m

Media Specialist:

  • Our media specialist is Yvette Katz
  • Our media clerk is Chandra Nabi
  • Our technology specialist is Kurt Vendryes

Media Center Procedures:

Take good care of our books.

Return books on time.  Books may be checked out for two weeks and may be renewed two times.  If there is a very popular book, it may be renewed only once.

Students are responsible for books they check out.  Do not check books out for another student or loan your book to another student.  If a book is lost or damaged, the student will be responsible to pay for damages or for the cost of the book.

Reference books, magazines, and newspapers may be used in the Media Center but may not be check out by students.

The media center is open at 8:50 a.m. in the morning for book checkout and to use the computers.  Once students enter the media center, they must remain until the first bell rings.  There is a limited amount of space so it is necessary at times to turn students away. There are times the media center must be closed in the morning due to faculty meetings or trainings.


Broward County School District has implemented electronic textbooks (e-textbooks) that are now available through the Broward Education Enterprise Portal (BEEP). A full complement of e-textbooks are available for courses with district-wide adoptions in science, world languages, and reading. Publishers have voluntarily offered their available e-textbooks in the curriculum area of social studies. Additional e-textbooks will continue to be added annually. To access student editions of e-textbooks, simply go to You can also download our flyer.


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