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8th Grade

The future of our society is based upon our ability to change and grow. The skills and knowledge required in the future must enable citizens to take change in stride. In order to thrive in this atmosphere, every student will need to achieve these goals: be a creative problem-solver, a lifelong learner, and an effective communicator. Each student must also know how to use and understand technology, work efficiently in group situations, and be a responsible and involved citizen. In order for the student to be prepared, we must teach these skills and knowledge at all levels of education, especially Middle School.

Mr.  Ronald Golembieski
8th Grade Administrator

“Commit yourself to constant self-improvement.” -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Antoine, Myriame Science/US History
Artanis, Nikki Algebra Honors/Math
Boyett, Heather Advanced Language Arts
Brooks, Sherwood Critical Thinking
Cephas, Christine Reading/US History
Eubanks, Omar Science
Goldberg, Erika Math
Feiler, Matt Advanced Science
Harris, Ann Marie Advanced Language Arts
Hughes, Bertha Reading
Kanazeh, Norma Advanced US History
Klein, Kristine Language Arts
Mousseignac, Carmello Science
Ogden, Thomas Advanced US History
Orihuela, Cristine Language Arts
Poole, Sandra Critical Thinking
Punzi, Kim Social Studies
Stasiw, Debbie Advanced Science
Chambers, Kecia US History
Walters, Nadia Reading
Wilcox, Francine Language Arts/US History
Williams, Dillion Math/US History
Penichet, Darcy Darcy Penichet
Forbes, Linette Advanced Math
Gaszczynski, Lindsey Advanced Math