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7th Grade

Ms. Lampkin is currently the 7th grade assistant principal.  She has been a part of the Driftwood family for over 4 years.

“The 7th grade student is the ‘middle child’ of the middle school setting.  Their middle school experience is very unique and sometimes challenging.  My experience over the years with assisting them on this unique journey has consistently culminated in a rewarding adventure capitalized by their academic achievement and personal growth.”

My philosophy on education is:

“Everyone has peak performance potential—you just need to know where they are coming from and meet them there.”

Gisela McGugan Critical Thinking
Sara Burns Language Arts
Jon Burns Advanced Math
Tammy Eubanks GEM/ Advanced Math
Ann Glusman Science
Gail Feingold Science
Diane Grayson Critical Thinking
Ben Joseph Social Studies/Civics
Chris Raden Math
Dorothy Moore Advanced Science
Terita Simmons Math
Trevor Thomas Social Studies/Civics
Carla Reguero Advanced Language Arts
Debra Turner Science
Victoria Trujillo Math
Toshia R. Drummond Advanced Language Arts
Susanne M. Duclon Advanced Civics
Shawnrica Collie-Forbes Reading
Sharee Y. Laster Reading
Teshauna Green Language Arts
Renka Friedman Language Arts
Julie McCormick Civics
Sarah Armstrong Advanced Science
Lucia Troche Advanced Civics