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6th Grade

All children are entitled to a free K-12 public education of the highest caliber. We are dedicated to assisting members of our school community in maintaining a school climate that is extremely conducive to high quality teaching and learning. We are committed to providing our students with a public education that is rigorous, relevant and of the highest standards.

The children that we teach will not care how much we know until they know how much we care.” -Thomas Sergiovanni

Darlene Alexander D.C Social Studies/World History
James Burke Social Studies/World History
Marjorie Apollon Science
Theresa Campbell Reading
Judy Caruso Critical Thinking
Victoria Capeletti Social Studies/Advanced World History
Luz Gallego Language Arts
Marleen Goldstein Social Studies/Adv. World History
Michael Jones GEM/Advanced Math
Patricia Pascatore Advanced Science
Sharon Klink Language Arts
Vivian Monroe Language Arts/Social Studies
Celia Jimenez Segarra GEM/ Advanced Math
Carleen Nelson Advanced Language Arts
Ainsworth Thompson Math
Francisco Vargas Math
Cheri Houston, D.C. Advanced Science
Mary Milliner Science
Robbie Dailey Reading Teacher
Tanya Sessner Math/Social Studies
Jennifer House Science/Social Studies
Joel Marco Reading
Yaniria Smith Critical Thinking
Cecil Avant Advanced Language Arts